Let’s save the ocean.

Let’s save the ocean.

I love the ocean, for me it’s the most beautiful place on earth. Still. According to expert estimates, about 10 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean each year. 10 million tons. Yearly. And if you think that we in Germany have nothing to do with it: WRONG – German waste is far too rarely recycled and instead exported to Asia, where it usually (illegally) ends up in the sea. Southeast Asian countries are becoming international dumps – Germany is the fourth largest waste supplier – according to Greenpeace. Germany delivered almost 72 million tons to Malaysia in 2018. Due to the often illegal and improper burning of the garbage, not only workers but also residents near these landfills are struggling with severe lung and respiratory diseases. It’s time to do something about it.

How to save the ocean

Let us save the sea. With many small steps, we can not only protect the sea, but our entire environment.

Reduce plastic waste.

Plastic, so unnecessary, yet so omnipresent. Wrapping fruits in the supermarket, using plastic shopping bags, plastic cutlery and plates, straws, coffee capsules and coffee to go. All of this can easily be replaced by sustainable alternatives – even coffee capsules are now available plastic and aluminum-free. It’s definitely a matter of consciousness and we have to re-awaken each day, we’re all in the same boat and yes, there’s only one Earth.

separate your waste.

Separate your garbage. Always. Every day. Only if we separate the waste properly, it can be properly recycled.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

For many years I was a team airplane – and I’m quite critical with some voices and demands to limit air travel and tax them extremely high.For one thing, because I have family in Spain and Panama and both are countries that are not easily reached without a plane. On the other hand, I find it much more sensible to create an awareness of the problem instead of just answering with penalties- However, short-haul flights are unnecessary. From Frankfurt to Munich I don’t have to catch a plane. Changing to green electricity and green gas can cut the CO2 footprint of a household immensely. If you go to work just leave the car and take the bike or the public transport, buy food regionally and support local retail.

Support the right companies.

More and more companies are committed to saving the oceans – whether by reducing plastic waste or providing financial support to foundations. We as Consumers should support these companies. My-Cups offers organic coffee and organic tea for Nespresso machines – free of aluminum and fully compostable. There are also many alternatives for coffee-to-go fans – more and more coffee chains offer discounts when you bring your own, reusable cups. The face care lines of La Mer are dedicated – as the name implies – to the sea and its treasures. The La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund works with researchers, scientists and conservationists to conserve the oceans. Many manufacturers, such as Adidas with the Ultra Boost Uncaged Parley, also offer products made from plastic waste.

Create awareness.

Small changes can do a lot – if we are aware of our (consumer) decisions and their consequences every day. Be not only aware of yourself, but also create awareness in which you talk about the problems and the protection of the sea with others.


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