2018 review – about love and lemons pt. I

2018 review – about love and lemons pt. I

2018 was probably the most eventful year for me so far – so it’s time for a 2018 review. From important milestones to emotional highlights, doors that close and new ones that open, so many moments of happiness and important lessons I’ve learned. I always try to take things the most positive way, be thankful for everything I have, even in difficult times. I don’t always succeed, but I think I’m getting better every year.

The move

After almost 10 years, it was time for me to leave Munich and head back home. I don’t regret the move to Frankfurt- unlike half Germany, I love the city and the ease and casualness it has for me compared to Munich. Nevertheless, Munich has also become home for me in the last 10 years. A home which I miss very much on some days – especially old colleagues and friends which I now can’t just meet for a Sunday afternoon coffee.

My new Independence

2018 was definitely a professional highlight. After almost 3 years blogging as a side job I dared to take the step and am now a full-time blogger, since the beginning of 2018. And even if I get some side blows about being an Influencer, the fact full-time bloggers pop-up everywhere or even like “your husband seems to earn a lot” – I’m very glad to have taken this step. Because honestly, if there are more and more bloggers and influencers who can afford doing it full-time, it also shows a certain appreciation for the entire industry, and that is something that we can and should be proud of – even as a hobby blogger. At least I am happy for everyone who makes it and since at least I intend to live in 2019, I don’t have to make a professional decision dependent on the income of my husband.

Nevertheless, being self-employed isn’t always easy – especially at the beginning of the year, in addition to moving, wedding preparations and honeymoon there was much less time for the job than I usually planned to and while there are months where I can’t accept exciting jobs for capacity reasons, the next month might be quite calm. There is no consistency in the Blogger job, which of course has pros and cons. It’s a kind of journey that leads you to new faces and experiences every month, every week. A journey for which I am very thankful and enjoy it every day.


Turning 30

Big 3!! I’m firmly convinced that my 30s will be much better than the 20s. Not that I didn’t enjoy my 20s – on the contrary. But it would be pretty depressing to think that after the 20’s you have the best behind you. There are too many people in the world who die way too young and would be so thankful to become 30, so I think it’s very ungrateful to demonize age and getting older in general. Life can be pretty amazing, no matter how old you are – it’s about what you do with life.

At no point in my life, I was so aware of who and what I am – what my strengths and what my weaknesses are, what suits me and what I should keep away from me. This kind of self-awareness is not only fundamental to my work, it makes my everyday life and my private life so much easier and I think it’s not just me saying that I do so much better with 30 than with 20 ,



In general, I think I can say that 2018 and my 30th year of life was characterized by great self-reflection – I think more important events are inevitably connected with self reflection, so of course I ask myself what I have achieved in 10 years Munich, before I close the chapter and move to Frankfurt. I remember old relationships and realize how lucky I am to have such an intelligent, eloquent, amusing, and above all, honest man like N. by my side.

Every year you make good and bad experiences, people come and people go. Almost like a revolving door. Some friendships last a long time, some are short and intense and others have basically never been friendships. And that’s fine. Sometimes people are not compatible in their basic form, which doesn’t mean that either one is bad (at least not always). Just like in a marriage, you have to be able to acknowledge your own mistakes and weaknesses in friendships, but you also need to accept if it no longer fits under certain conditions. Letting go is not always wrong and can sometimes be truly liberating.


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