monthly review #may2019

monthly review #may2019

To my shame, I must confess that once again I missed out on two monthly reviews. I’m currently struggling with my time management and have neglected the blog a bit in the past two months. I still find that blogs are super important and a great addition to Instagram work. By the way, there is a new category up called opinion – in which I write about topics that are not always fashion-related but which I personally consider important. Fashion will always be the main topic of the blog, but I think it’s nice and important to be interested in other things and topics as well. It’s to women with fashion and brains.

What was going on?

May was a travel month for me. At the beginning of May I went to Berlin to visit Tina from Styleappetite. Unfortunately I had only two days, which were pretty full with agency meetings and shootings. But still there was enough time for sushi and tapas. I already know Berlin pretty well, but I’m always kind of excited when I go there. You either love or hate this city and for me it has something magical. I love the different influences of the city. Every neighborhood is different and special in its own way. I haven’t seen that much diversity in cities like Frankfurt or Munich. Munich is much more down to earth compared to Berlin and still always worth a trip – even though if only for one night. I went to Munich for the opening of the new Belstaff store on Residenzstraße – with drinks, food & friends. Thanks for the great evening. The last trip of the month was to my favorite Island Mallorca, which I visited for Swarovski. The reason was the launch of the new summer collection called #noregrets – a collection for all who enjoy the summer without regrets. A colorful and playful collection, perfect for summer.

Favorites of the month.

LINEN! Honestly, my association with linen wasn’t the best one – especially in conjunction with jute bag and Birkenstock. But times change and today there is a greater environmental awareness in fashion as. Sustainability and the relationship to nature are becoming more important, which I personally think is a great change. Here you can find my favorite linen pieces.

Brand of the month

Bottega Veneta – The Brit Daniel Lee has managed to give the Italian luxury leather label a fresh kick. Modern, timeless design. It is easy to see that Lee was responsible for the ready-to-wear collection at Céline until 2018 and worked closely with Phoebe Philo. Definitely my brand of the month, if not of the year.

Thoughts of the month

Instagram and narcissism. Narcissism and Instagram. The accusation: Influencer (I hate that word!) even earn money with their limitless narcissism. I actually had to think over that. On the one hand, it’s certainly about self-portrayal in certain parts – the question is, do only Influencer use Social Media for the narcissistic self-love? Which brings us to the next point, not all influencers are the same and I can’t imagine that it requires a lot of social intelligence, to differentiate and to NOT classify people by their job. I can only speak for myself and say: I want to convey a mood with my pictures, I’m not about to squeeze my face on every picture. And if I look at some Insta accounts of private users, the majority of which are Selfies without a message or artistic claim, just a “hey, that ‘s my face – look at me” – I wonder, how justified such allegations are and whether it’s not just about influencer bashing.


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